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News About our Members and Friends on and off the Island as published in The Weekly Beacon


The High Holidays flower donation in memory of Lottie and Harry Gerbert was from Drs. Josh and Barbara Gerbert and Sonia and Billy Arlen. Josh and Barbara's names were inadvertently left out, and we want to make sure that Lottie, our delightful and long-time favorite Flower Fund Chairwoman and her sweet husband are remembered with all the love and honor they deserve. We apologize for any misunderstanding. 



If you were around the synagogue during the High Holidays, you would have seen a strutting band of baby bumps! Proudly carrying their precious cargoes were Sarah Shabot, Leslie Doctor, and Sarah Druss Panzer. Beaming expectant fathers are Rabbi Doctor, and his brother, Shawn Doctor, and Jeff Panzer. Over-the-top already-in-love grandparents are Jerri Doctor and Stan Doctor, Debbie and Marc Shabot, and Ellen and Gary Druss. Doing double duty in excitement are the Doctor and Shabot families. The Shabots recently grand-parented Nora Eden, daughter of Benjy and Loren Shabot. 



Lou Wexler Mizis and Herb Mizis are new grandparents! Dianne and Todd Mizis presented an excited big brother, Max, with a new play buddy, Jackson Mizis! Mazel tov all around! 



Yet once again, the Traveling Millers are headed to foreign lands! Sandy and Allen Miller will sail from Lisbon, with a stop in Portugal, three stops in Spain, and then sail to the lower Caribbean. They will make four stops there, three of which they have never been to (never been to???), despite the fact they have traveled to the Caribbean fourteen (fourteen???) times! Oy, as I sit here in my chair typing, the mere thought of all that movement exhausts me! Bon voyage, my mobile-y endowed friends! 



Lou and Herb Mizis will be traveling to Mobile, Alabama for the November 1st wedding of Judge Babe Lerner's granddaughter, Allison Lerner, to Nate Starr. Allison is the daughter of Dr. Robert and Leslie Lerner. Of course, the Judge and his wife Helen will attend the Starr Event! On November 9th, Lou and Herb fly to Israel and Petra, Jordan. "Petra is an historical and archaeological city famous for its rock-cut architecture. Another name for Petra is the Rose City due to the color of the stone out of which it is carved." (Wikipedia) Sounds very interesting! I think I'll read more about it! Enjoy your trip, my friends.  BREAKING NEWS! Lou Mizis broke her foot! But that will not keep this tough gal from her travels. Fortunately, she's flying and not going on foot! 



Thank you for responding to my call for your news! Remember, no news is too small! It all inspires me!


She's Going 90 in the Fast Lane! 

Make sure you tell Elaine Seibel "Happy Birthday!" Elaine turned 90 on August 31. Her family gave her a surprise birthday party, and she continued to celebrate her birthday, Aloha style, with a trip to Hawaii. The tropical trip was a gift from her loving children and grandchildren. In October, Elaine will travel to Boston to attend her granddaughter's wedding. Happy Birthday, Elaine! And many more!


Is There a Lawyer in the House? 

There is, if you have Max Sukiennik as your attorney. Max is in private practice, working out of his home. But he also makes house calls. I know this sounds like a shameless plug from his wife, but I just think it is so nice to have an attorney who is willing to work with clients where they are most comfortable! Max practiced with Legal Services for nearly twenty years, and has been on his own for over three years. He works as much as he wants, and says: "When I have a client, I am working. When I don't have a client, I'm retired!" 


I Need Material, Folks! 

Please send me any news or information you have, no matter what it is! You went somewhere. Tell me. You didn't go anywhere. Let me know. Your child or grandchild had a "first". No matter what that "first" is, l want to know. You have a good, or really bad, joke. Send it! You want to say "hello" to your friends at CBJ, I'll write about it. I love to hear from you and look forward to hearing from you!  

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