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Galveston Tourism – An Opportunity


Galveston’s identity has changed from an economic hub along the Gulf Coast to a vacation and retreat destination.

· The city attracts 5.7 million visitors a year who spend more than $650 million annually, contributing significantly to the local economy.

· One in three jobs on the island is sustained by tourism.

· Galveston’s visitors enjoy miles of beaches and a multitude of dining and shopping establishments, but many tourists choose to focus their time on enjoying the many historic sites.

· Recreational spending by visitors on these types of sites has only continued to see growth, at more than $116 million in 2012.


Although a variety of historic homes and museums are open to the public, none focus specifically on Galveston’s Jewish immigrant populations. This important part of Galveston’s history remains largely untold.


As such, one of The Qavah Campaign’s aims is to establish a museum within CBJ’s historic structure that will highlight the synagogue’s history, as well as that of Galveston’s 19th and 20th century Jewish immigrant population.


Located at the corner of Avenue K and 24th Street, CBJ is:


· A block from the Galveston Visitor Center at Ashton Villa,

· Within walking distance of Moody Mansion Museum an

· Less than a mile from the Strand, Galveston Railroad Museum, Bishop’s Palace and Pleasure Pier.


Beyond this, the historic Galveston Orphans Home four blocks from the synagogue is the site of The Bryan Museum that will feature J. P. Bryan Jr.’s Visions of the West Collection and will open in the fall of 2014.

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