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Bar and Bat Mitzvahs

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Consierge and Planning Services


Concierge & Planning Services

Help with where to stay, what to do, and have a good time.


Galveston Island is at your service. Once the date is set and you know who will be attending.  While the Rabbi is perparing the B'nai Mitzvah It's time to plan the weekend and we are here to help you make it a unique and memorable exeprience.

Bar & Bat Mitzvahs


We offer a services in CBJ's Chapel or on the beach.  Your simcha can be held on a Monday orThursday or Shabbat.  We also offer a Mincha Maariv Havdallah service.  Build a cruise into the schedule.  


Rabbi Doctor will guide you and your bat or bar mitzvah as he develops your family's study plan.  


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Consierge Services

Help with where to stay, what to do, and have a good time.


With your Simcha scheduled we will send you a short planning questionaire which will be the basis for the our recommedations.  Of course there a two basics: the number who will attend invitation only gatherings.  Other questions will deal with your family's vacations prefernces.  For example, you may like to cruse.  Galveston and currently hosts ___ weekly departures for the Carrabiwnb and lkdsafdsjf.  

Bring your family and friends to Historic Galveston to observe and celebrate life's simchas.


A survival story


Congregation Beth Jacob's roots extend to the the post Civil War era when a trickle of Jewish immigrents landed at Galveston.  in the early 20th Century Jewish immigration was shifted to the Gulf Coast including Galveston. The Galveston Plan opened the "interior of the US" to Jewish settlement.


Two Orthdox Congegations:  Hebrew Orthodox Benevolent Association and The Young Men’s Hebrew Association



As we enterned the 21st Centruy Beth Jacob was in the process of being closed and sold when several families came forward and said no, we will keep our Shul open.  Galveston and Beth Jacob were inundated by Huricane Ike and with no flood insurance.  The repair of the damage took several years to complete.


Today Beth Jacob is blessed to have a fulltime Rabbi.  The Shul has once again become a gathering place for those looking for traditional conservative worship, Torah study and fellowship.  


Over the past several years the Congregation has developed a long-range plan that includes offering the Shul as a destination for Jewish family events.  By doing so we will maintain our tradition of reading and studying Torah.



Bar and Bat Mitzvah’s at CBJ Galveston are focused on the significance of the the second milestone in our lives. 


The bat or bar mitzvah: leading the service, reading the Torah, chanting the Haftorah and giving a Drash provide the basis upon how a Jewish life is lead.  Understanding the significance of taking responsibility for one’s actions.


We stress the meaning.

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