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Congregation Beth Jacob
Conservative Egalitarian Synagogue on Galveston Island


Stainglass windows above ark in 1963 san

Worship Services:
In-Person Services

Erev-Shabbat Services:
Due to events during the last 4 years,

Erev-Shabbat services are held intermittently.

Watch this site for news.


Rosh Hodesh Sivan June 7th

This Friday Evening 6:00 p.m.
Shabbat Services:
Saturday Mornings 10:00 a.m.

Please Call Shul Office for more information
(409) 762-4545

Me 2019.png

Diane Wonio


CBJS Board of Trustees


Beacon Editor

Contact shul office to be added to Beacon newsletter list


Peggy Green
CBJS Board of Trustees


Ronnie Graber
CBJS Board of Trustees



Peggy Green

Dr. Myron Heimlich

Ronnie Graber

Diane Wonio

Ronald Gaitz

Leon Kaplan

Simon Gerbert

Nathaniel Greene

CBJS President

CBJS Vice-President

CBJS Treasuer

CBJS Secretary

CBJS Gabbai

CBJS Sheni Gabbai

CBJS Trustee

CBJS Trustee


Rabbi inducts & Blesses new board

Rabbi Osadchey inducts and blesses 2024 board members

Peggy Listens to Rabbi

Peggy Green, President,  receives the Rabbi's counsel and blessings.

Myron listens to Rabbi.jpeg

Dr. Myron Heimlich, Vice-president, receives the Rabbi's counsel and blessings.

Ronnie listens to Rabbi.jpeg

Ronnie Graber, treasurer, receives the Rabbi's counsel and blessings.

Diane listens to Rabbi.jpeg
Trustees listen to Rabbi.jpeg
Nathaniel speaks at Annual.jpeg
The 2024 Board w-Rabbi 1.jpg

Diane Wonio, Secretary, receives the Rabbi's counsel and blessings.

Simon Gerbert and Nate Greene, trustees, receive the Rabbi's counsel and blessings.

Trustee Nathaniel Greene addresses the gathering about the education of the congregations growing youth population

The Board with Rabbi: Gaitz, Greene, Gerbert, Graber, Green, Rabbi, Heimlich, Wonio

Leon Kaplan absent.

Jews in Cars - Saturday, February 20th, 2021

Gabbai, Simon Gerbert's special brunch for JIC Shabbat Morning Service attendees February 20th. Brunch included bagels, lox, tomatoes, onions and a special cream cheese mix spread!  See what you missed?


So happy to see Patricia Stowe (left) with her chauffeur, Peggy Green, following along with their Siddurim while listening to the audio on the FM Radio.


Great to see our editor of the Beacon all bundled up.  Thank you, Diane Wonio for always doing such an incredible job!


Ira Levine in the K-9 Unit with his adorable Molly . . . Also competing for Cutest Couple.


Bill and Meris Hamilton led a perfect Shabbat morning service.  They were joined by Simon Gerbert who sang Ashrei perfectly!
Bill doing so much better after brain surgery a few weeks ago.


 Ronnie and Charna Graber
Obviously, that's Charna on the left. Guess  that's Ronnie on the right because we can see his Ten Gallon Stetson up on the dashboard.


Max and Kathleen Sukiennik.  Kathleen drives Max to the service.  Max drives Kathleen crazy.  They are in the running for CBJ's Cutest Couple.

CBJ Annual Membership Meeting 2021
(Annual meeting photos courtesy of Diane Wonio)
Meris Hamilton gives treasurers report.j

Meris Hamilton, CBJ Board Treasurer Introducing Outgoing President, Peggy Green
as Dr. Bill Hamilton Returns Inside After Leading with the Invocation

Peggy 1.jpeg

Peggy Green, Immediate Past President Speaking to Attendees About Her 2-Year Board Leadership and Accomplishments.

Peggy Green 2020 Pres opens Annual Meeti

Peggy Discussing Board Member Simon Gerbert's Years of Contributions to the Board and the Synagogue

Ronnie 2.jpeg

Newly Elected Board President, Ronnie Graber Discussing Plans for 2021

Marc presents Peggy with plaque from Boa

Peggy Proudly Displaying Her
Certificate of Awesomeness
Presented by Her Fellow CBJ Board Members

Marc Weiss MoC.jpeg

Marc Weiss
Served as
Master of Ceremonies

Cars 1.jpeg
Cars 2.jpeg

A Total of 22 "Jews in Cars" Attended the 2021 Annual Membership Meeting

"Jews in Cars" Shabbat Morning Services
January 2nd, January 16th & February 6th, 2021

Jews in Cars - January 2
A Full Minyan - So Nice!

Such a delightful way to start 2021 at CBJ with Jews In Cars Shabbat Morning Service led by Meris & Bill Hamilton.  So nice to have a full Minyan.  Meris & Bill did a phenomenal job and the service included wine and challah for Kiddush and Motzi.


Molly Levin Attended with Proud Poppa Ira


Jews in Cars - January 16th
Meris & Bill Hamilton Davened An Amazingly Smooth Service Complete with Chanting, Great Music and Special Prayer by Meris

Welcome to our historical synagogue, located on the corner of Ave. K and 24th St. in Galveston's historical Silk Stocking District, and listed on the National Registry of Historical Places.

We have overcome the damage inflicted on our shul by the 2008 Hurricane Ike with funds raised by the ongoing CBJ Preservation Fund. We worked through the devastation of Ike by holding religious services outside in the Courtyard. We also met the challenge of the 2020 Covid 19 epidemic with Jews in Cars, broadcasting the services to automobiles parked on the street curb outside the synagogue. We have managed to keep our synagogue, the “Shul by the Shore,” open during the most troubling times.

Included in the repairs was the revitalization of the great hall, which will be used as a venue for weddings, receptions, bar & bat mitzvahs, piano/dance recitals, class reunions, and other life events. Reservations for use may be made by contacting the shul's office at 409-762-4545 to determine availability, pricing, and arranging a tour of the facility.

It is this kind of ingenuity, devotion, and courage of the past Russian, Polish, Austrian, and German orthodox and present conservative members that has contributed to the survival of Congregation Beth Jacob Synagogue since 1931. Many of the descendants of the original founders are still active members.

We invite everyone to join us for the 10:00 a.m. Shabbat service and stay afterward for the kosher luncheon. Due to the current situation, visitors are asked to call in advance to verify their identity.

Peggy Green,
Proud to be the 2024 President of
Congregation Beth Jacob Synagogue

stainglass and outline.jpeg

Click photo for
Encyclopedia of Southern Jewish Communities - Galveston, Texas

Original 1931 Stained Glass Window with Outline of the Original Torah Ark Located Below Window. Torah Ark Was Moved to The Chapel in 1963 When New Sanctuary Was Completed and New Ark Build in Main Sanctuary

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