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5 Year Plan


Congregation Beth Jacob (CBJ) is housed in historically significant buildings in the heart of Galveston Island’s historic district.  CBJ has served as Galveston’s center of Orthodox, and now Conservative, Jewish life for more than 80 years.  CBJ lead by Rabbi Todd Doctor, the CBJ Board of Directors, and Executive Director David M. Rockoff, CBJ has developed a Five-Year Master Plan to create new worship space for the congregation and to repurpose its facilities to house not only the congregation, but also the Galveston Jewish Historical Center, Third Coast Jewish Cultural Retreat Center, and the Island Mikvah Center.


The Need and the Opportunity

· Congregation Beth Jacob:  In the wake of Hurricane Ike, and in light of the current size and broad vision of the congregation, the synagogue’s facilities are in need of renovation to better serve its members and the community.


· Galveston, an Historic Coastal Destination: Galveston is home to many cultural and historic sites. Valuable components of the island’s history, including the influx of Jewish immigrants in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the creation of Congregation Beth Jacob and the stories of CBJ’s families, remain untold. CBJ’s Galveston Jewish Historical Center will provide a new educational resource for Galveston and surrounding communities.


The Plan

· Renovate the original 1930’s synagogue building to provide worship space for weekday and Shabbat services. The worship space will be expandable to accommodate over 200 people for High Holiday services, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, weddings and other life-cycle events.


· Develop the three areas of focus of the Galveston Jewish Historical Center Collection, housed throughout the facility, featuring Galveston’s Jewish immigration, the history of CBJ, and CBJ’s families.


· Establish the Third Coast Jewish Cultural Retreat Center—a place of learning and renewal. It will enable CBJ to offer living and dining space for Jewish and non-Jewish youth groups, boards and families to learn and experience Judaism.  Facilities will include dormitories, classroom and meeting spaces, a kosher kitchen, dining room, worship space, and historic exhibits. Marketing efforts will focus on youth groups, nonprofit boards, synagogues groups and Jewish youth organizations in Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Oklahoma, Kansas, Arkansas and Louisiana.


Create the Island Mikvah Center by restoring its Mikvah to serve Jews in Galveston and throughout the region.


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