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Beit Midrash at Congregation Beth Jacob

CBJ's Beit Midrash - Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much Jewish knowledge do I need to have to attend? None! No previous experience with Jewish texts is necessary. Our participants have a wide range of Jewish knowledge--it's what makes our intellectual community so vibrant.


2. What if I can only come once every other month? Then we'd love to welcome you for that one week! Some attendees join every week, others join every other month. Whenever you can attend, we'll be there, excited to learn with you.


3. Is it OK if my Hebrew is a bit rusty? Of course--ours is too! All sources that are used during class are either in English or translated into English.


4. What if I want to improve my text skills? Rabbi Doctor would be happy to work with you individually or in small group.


5. I just moved to the Galveston are can new people join? We welcome first-time learners just about every week of the year. If you're new to the Island Beit Midrash is a great place to meet new people and friendly faces. 


6. Do I have to tell anyone that I'll be attending? Although not mandatory, calling or emailing ahead of time would be appreciated.


7. How do I get matched with a chevruta (learning partner)?Contact Rabbi Doctor for more information.


8. Should I bring my own dinner? We provide snacks every week, though feel free to bring extra food if you'd like. Every first Monday of the month we provide a more substantial meal (for instance: falafel, pizza, wraps). 


9. Do I need to bring my own texts? No. Source sheets for the 7:30-8:00pm class will be provided. Feel free to bring your own texts for chevruta (paired learning) study.


10. Do I need to pay for the classes? No.  Classes are free, but we apprecite gifts to the Congregation's Annual Sustaining Fund which will help defray the costs of synagogue operations and programming such as the Beit Midrash.

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